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Pet Therapy

10 Ways Pets Can Improve Mental and Physical Health

The companionship of a pet can be life-changing for people. These adorable creatures aren’t just fun and entertaining, but their unconditional love, acceptance and constant emotional support positively impact your health. Even if you are in a sad mood, their licks and purrs can help you relax and bring a smile to your face. The […]

Pet Therapy

If You Need a Helping Hand, Reach For a Paw

A proven antidote for anxiety and loneliness can come on four legs. Even when we don’t love ourselves, our pets still do. Pets are said to be the only living creature on earth that love us more than we love ourselves. Emotional support pets have become increasingly accepted in public in recent years, and for […]

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Letter to a Shelter Dog (

Dear Paloma, There you were, standing on your hind legs with your two giant paws up on the kennel door, like you’d been waiting for me. Perhaps you knew I’d just binged on a stale, two-day-old birthday cake in the break room of the San Diego Humane Society,where I worked and you lived. Perhaps you knew […]


How Pets Help Us Heal

Humans have always had special bonds with animals. While we’ve all heard a dog is a man’s best friend, research is finding cats are also important in our lives. This has become especially true in AAT, or Animal-Assisted Therapy. Whether it’s someone who’s eight years old or 88 years old, animal-assisted therapy helps with issues […]


Animal Spirit Guides

Animals have a special, revered role in man’s life. Often appearing as “totems,” or representatives, carved into art icons or “totem poles” in Native American culture. Or Shamanism. But regardless of culture, animals often appear in dreams, meditation or real life on an “as needed” basis. We may not know how or when to summon them. But, […]


National Black Dog Day

In case you missed it, October 1st was National Black Dog Day. Don’t fret – after reading this blog you’ll be in much better position to properly celebrate next year. Maybe “celebrate” is the wrong word – one organization says it’s about “the plight of black dogs in shelters around the country” [from their Facebook […]

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